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Welcoming Our New Portfolio: Rabando!

One of the essential things in business is distribution, which is the process of distributing products from producers to consumers. Although it seems simple, distribution also requires careful planning, organizing, and execution because the products distributed must not be damaged or expired. In addition, good distribution will also improve performance and consumer confidence in producers.

The distribution network is also present as a distribution solution for your startup products. Not only improving the organization, planning, and implementation of distribution, distribution networks also provide various networks that are useful for significantly improving the distribution performance of your startup. Thus, the reputation of your startup will also climb further.

This time, Gear Up welcomes its newest partner engaged in the distribution network. Say hello to Rabando!

What is Rabando and What Does the Company Do?

Rabando is a company engaged in the distribution network. The company consists of various professionals who believe that high-quality products should be available to everyone. By providing the best service and product distribution experience, Rabando will help its clients to build their business by increasing consumer trust and also providing benefits for clients and society.

Established in 2014 with Anton Surjanto as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder, Rabando uses its extensive distribution channels in Indonesia and has been well-tested to grow its brand and client reputation. With this channel, this startup will provide its clients with good insights into the current business situation and ways for their client’s businesses to grow even more rapidly in the future.

Rabando’s Achievement

Rabando has only been around for eight years, but its achievements already provide an outstanding track record for the company. In general, Rabando already has 50 channels used for the distribution of its clients’ products. The channel offered by Rabando also provides five times higher profits for its clients. Therefore, when Rabando’s clients launched a new product, Rabando’s distribution network provided a 90% sales success rate for the product.

It is not surprising that Rabando has succeeded in reaching out its business to international clients. These various clients include the dairy company Nestle, the stationery company Parker and Highlighter, the herbal company Sidomuncul, and various other businesses. These clients are also concrete evidence that Rabando is a trusted distribution network for them.

Want to Be Like Rabando? Join Gear Up!

Rabando’s success came from many sides. Apart from the side of a good company organization, its success also comes from effective and comprehensive business training. Want to get the same quality training too? Gear Up is the solution!

Gear Up is a startup brainstorming partner that will provide a variety of knowledge and experience that will be useful for your startup’s growth. With a 1-on-1 brainstorming program for 50 weeks, Gear Up will provide a variety of training materials suitable for your startup type, including distribution network startup.

What are you waiting for? Be the next Rabando by joining Gear Up!

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