The Rise of Immersive Technology Startups in Indonesia

We always think of the real and virtual worlds to be two separate realms. But not anymore, perhaps it’s time to bury that obsolete way of thinking.  Nowadays, we have seen the merge of virtual content with the physical environment through the use of Immersive technology or also known as extended reality (XR). There are three types of immersive technology. Augmented Reality (AR) inserts the virtual object inside the physical world, Virtual Reality (VR) inserts the physical being into the virtual world which allows us to wander inside the digital realm, and Mixed Reality (MR) merges the virtual objects into the physical world where they can interact in real-time.

According to Markets and Markets, globally, the market size of immersive technology was around $33 billion in 2021. A survey conducted by Accenture shows that 61% of consumers would more likely buy from a brand that uses immersive technology. Extended reality is attractive because it can integrate with various other sectors from entertainment, enterprise, retail, health, real estate, and many more.

The Rise of Immersive Technology Startups in Indonesia

In Indonesia, immersive technology is a relatively new trend. However, we have observed the lifestyle shift to the digital world. In the last decade, Indonesia experienced the rise of immersive technology startups. These immersive technology startups can be divided into three categories, the enterprise solution, gaming, and content creation sector.

Examples of Immersive Technology Startups in Indonesia

1. Arutala

Arutala is an immersive technology startup in Indonesia that was established in 2019. Arutala provides XR technology services for brands, institutions, and individuals. Some of their products are an extended reality in the healthcare and mining industry, simulation of machine control with ARULAB Excav VR, avatar virtual meeting with ARUMEET, and many more.

In 2020, Arutala partnered with Oculus to maximize the adoption of Oculus products. Arutala is a fast-growing immersive technology startup with an ambitious goal. In 2021, they partnered with 4 clients and 7 education institutions. Currently, they are aiming to be the biggest immersive technology company in the Asia Pacific by 2023.

2. Assemblr

Founded in Bandung in 2017, Assemblr is an immersive technology startup that focuses on the creative sector.  Assemblr provides a creative ecosystem where people can view, create, and share augmented reality creations. Some of their products are Assemblr App and Assemblr Studio Web where people can create AR objects from the app and browser. They also have Assemblr EDU which is an interactive education platform with AR technology.

Currently Assemblr is on their seed funding stage, and recently they raised $120 thousand funding from Techstars. Assemblr is a fast-growing immersive technology startup, currently, they have more than 700,000 users, and more than 1,8 million projects created.

3. Hologram Indonesia

Hologram Indonesia was founded back in 2014. Hologram Indonesia is an immersive technology startup that focuses on providing enterprise solutions with extended reality. Some of their services are AR and VR support for business and entertainment, space activation by merging a physical room with the virtual world, and 3D factory by providing 3D modeling for physical products.

Future Outlook

The extended reality is a promising sector. According to Markets and Markers, the immersive technology sector is expected to grow to about $125 billion by 2026. Beyond that, according to Grand View Research, the VR game market is expected to grow with a 30.2% CAGR from 2020 to 2027. Since immersive technology can merge with any sector, we will see significant growth in the usage of XR technology in the future.

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