How to Deliver a Winning Startup Pitch Deck to Grab that Funding

How to Deliver a Winning Startup Pitch Deck that will Help you Grab that Funding

Are you struggling to deliver your startup pitch deck?

In the previous article, we have explained the 6 stages of startup funding. However, the biggest challenge in gaining funding is delivering a compelling pitch deck. Pitch Deck is a presentation that explains your startup ideas and future potential that are commonly used to attract investors. Although pitch decks are usually just around 15-30 minutes long, the process can be nerve-racking and confusing. Here are some of the elements that you must include in your startup pitch deck to win an investment from venture capitals.

What should you Include on your startup Pitch Deck?

1. The Problem and Solution

The first thing that you should include in your startup pitch deck is the problem statement. Your pitch deck should include why are you building your startup, what problem you are solving, and what solution you offer from your product or service. Beyond that, you should identify what alternative solutions that exist in the market and how your solution is better than the other solutions. Here are the steps to make a problem statement.

2. The Opportunity

After identifying the problem, the next step is to identify the opportunity. Opportunity is about how much the market opportunity or potential buyer that your product or service has. There are three levels to measure your opportunity:

  • The TAM (Total Addressable Market): The total possible market for your product or service
  • The SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market): The available market that best fits your product or service
  • The SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market): The proportion of SAM that can be achieved in the short-term realistically

Another essential part is market sizing or quantifying the opportunity that you have. You can do this with top-down or bottom-up methods. To quantify the potential more accurately, you can use existing research in your related field. There are a lot of paid and free resources available.

3. The Business Model

The next part that you need to include in your startup pitch deck is your business model. To put it simply, your business model is your way of making money. Identify your current monetization strategy, your target market, and marketing strategy, and also state your short and long-term plan to scale your business.

4. The Financial Growth

In this part of the pitch deck, you must state your startup’s growth and future funding use. Make a timeline of the growth milestones of your startup since its establishment to your plan for the future.

5. The Why

This is the part where you convince the investors that your team is the right team. State the best selling quality of your startup in your pitch deck for example your team’s educational and experience background, compatibility of your startup with venture capital, support from government regulation, and many more.

Tips on the Delivery

1. Storytelling with Data Visualization

Investors are usually very data-driven. But just delivering plain numbers and statistics can be boring. Thus, it is important to package your data in the form of storytelling. To do this, visualize the data and elaborate it comprehensively.  

2. Give an Emotional Punch

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and elaborate on the problem that they face. This is also important to show your passion and concern for the problem. After delivering the problem, start to elaborate on why your product or services can help the grievances of your customers to give a sense of relief.

3. Show the Urgency

Showing a sense of urgency is important to make the investors willing to inject their funding immediately. Show why your startup is on the rise and is perfect for early investments. To do this, you first need to successfully elaborate your current growth and future plan.

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