5 Parenting Startups in Indonesia that make Raising Child More Enjoyable

Raising a child is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Though it can be rewarding, taking care of children with their needs is exhausting. A lot of new mothers experience postpartum depression (baby blues) within several weeks after giving birth.

According to the Ministry of Health, the children population in Indonesia reached 85,6 million in 2021. Unfortunately, around 30% of children in Indonesia haven’t achieved their optimal growth and development potential and 24.4% experienced stunting. Some of the factors that affect the growth of children are nutrition, stimulation, parenting, and family socioeconomic conditions. According to the Copenhagen Consensus, the Indonesian population will grow to 321 million by 2050. With this rapid population growth, parenting problems become more urgent. If not handled properly, more and more children will suffer from development issues.

To respond to this problem, various parenting startups have been established in Indonesia. Their business models generally focus on parenting education, consultation, and selling products related to parenting. Check out these 5 parenting startups in Indonesia that you should look forward to.

Examples of Parenting Startups in Indonesia

1. Tentang Anak

Tentang Anak is a parenting startup that was founded in 2020. Tentang Anak launched a one-stop application where parents can track the growth of their child from their development curve, immunization schedule, and many more.  Tentang Anak also provides an education platform for parents about how to raise a child, especially during their first 1000 days. Beyond that, Tentang Anak also sells books for children.

In its early years of establishment, Tentang Anak has already shown strong performance. By now they have more than 10 thousand downloads and get 4.9 stars reviews on the App Store. They also have worked with 14 children experts. Currently, this startup is in its seed funding stage and has received investment from venture capital, Insignia Ventures Partners in an undisclosable amount.

2. is a parenting startup that focuses on parenting education and consultations. was established in 2015. They provide an e-learning platform where parents can learn about marriage and pre-marriage education, parenting, child growth, healing the inner child, puberty, and so on. Their 3 services are offered for free, but users and partners can pay for more benefits.

By now, has acquired more than 150 partners and more than 20 thousand customers. Currently, they are in their pre-seed phase and have raised funding from Indigo by Telkom Indonesia in an undisclosed amount.

3. Parentalk

Parentalk was founded by Nucha Bachri in 2017, who was concerned with the lack of education on parenting, marital relationship, financial management, and so on. Parentalk is a startup that provides a parenting community for Indonesian parents. On this platform, parents can share their stories and learn from each other.

Back then, Parentalk was just a Line group consisting of 500 members which later developed to be a website and a Youtube channel. By now, they have more than 1 million followers on Instagram and more than 150 thousand subscribers on Youtube. Currently, they are in their seed funding phase and have gained funding from Emera Capital in an undisclosed amount.

4. School of Parenting

School of Parenting is a parenting startup that was established in 2020.  School of Parenting provides information, workshops, professional consultations, classes, and books for parents and their children.

Currently, the School of Parenting has more than 1 thousand downloads with 4.8 stars reviews. Beyond that, they have partnered with 147 professionals and have more than 276 thousand followers on Instagram.

5. Orami

Orami is a parenting startup that was established back in 2012. Different from all the parenting startups mentioned above, Orami is an e-commerce platform for parents. Although they primarily focus on e-commerce, they also provide parenting content and community within the app.

By now, they have over 500 national and international brands on their app. Their products have been certified by Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) and Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI). Orami is expected to be the first parenting super app in Indonesia. Currently, they are in their series A stage and have raised $15 Million in funding from 4 investors. Beyond that, recently in 2021, Orami was acquired by Sirclo. This acquisition merged their 1000 employees and will help Orami to expand its market.

Are You Interested in Building a Parenting Startup?

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