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HR Recruitment Services

Unleash your team’s full potential with personalized HR support.

Find the right person on the job is important. Therefore, the recruitment process must be carried out effectively and seriously. In order to fulfill that, Gear Up provides an experienced HR Recruitment Services to help your startup hires potential candidates according to company requirements and culture.
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How It Works

1. Tell us what you need

Tell us the position requirements & qualifications

2. Culture-fit Survey

We will learn about your company culture to ensure a happy team

3. Candidates screening

We will screen talents based on company culture, and soft and hard skill requirements

4. Internal Recruitment

Apply additional screening based on your company standards
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5. Employees Onboarded

We will assist you until potential candidates are
fully onboarded and fit in to the company

What you will get

Culture Fit Candidates

Gear Up not only assess candidates based on skills, but also culture fit. Increase your employee retention and satisfaction as they fit in the role.

Pay as You See Fit

Control costs and pay only candidates that successfully passed probation.

Save Time and Cut Recruitment Cost

Let us do the hard work. Gear Up will do the initial screening process for prospective candidates.

Access to Talent Pool

Find the best candidate from our pool of 1000+ candidates with experience ranging from fresh-graduate to 10+ years from various industries and functions.

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Success Story

Rabando is a one stop solution for brand and distribution. Robando is currently hiring for a human resource manager position with minimum 5 years experience in related field. Besides that, head of finance position is looking for potential candidates with the same experience and time required as HR Manager position too.
Prospero is a consulting firm specializing in risk management, and also provide training and software to help improve client’s business. Prospero is currently hiring for a head of finance position with minimum 5 years experience with 2 weeks time required.
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