Investment & Due Dilligent Intern

Orlando Diggs

About Gear Up

We are a startup-focused brainstorming and partnership program aimed to provide one-on-one customized assistance for early-stage startups based in Jakarta.

Companies in our network include:

  • Friday Creamery: Indonesia’s leading low-calorie ice cream brand
  • PropertiNext: Data-driven property platform
  • Vinmo: Indonesia’s latest earned wage access platform
  • Rabando : Branding company to develop their brand and distribute their products

As an Investment and Due diligence Inter, you will:

  • Goal: help in selecting and onboarding registrants
  • Take part in our stringent selection process for prospective companies
  • Help improve our selection process
  • Do preliminary due diligence on the registrants
  • Attend meetings with prospective companies/investment opportunities


  • Good analytical skill
  • Understanding of basic financial statements

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