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About Gear Up

We are a startup-focused brainstorming and partnership program aimed to provide one-on-one customized assistance for early-stage startups based in Jakarta.

Companies in our network include:

  • Friday Creamery: Indonesia’s leading low-calorie ice cream brand
  • PropertiNext: Data-driven property platform
  • Vinmo: Indonesia’s latest earned wage access platform
  • Rabando : Branding company to develop their brand and distribute their products

As Graphic Designer Intern, you will develop and execute creative design for brands, marketing and company content purposes.

What we are looking for :

  • Final year or Bachelor of Design / DKV or related major
  • Familiar with editing tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, etc)
  • Able to work independently and proactively in a team
  • Detail oriented person

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